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Market Sizing

Which market does oour idea cater to? (Example: Baskin Robbins catering to premium market of ice cream lover)

Our idea caters to the daily needs of every citizen via our front end kiosks. These needs include mobile recharges, bill payments, pan cards, money transfer, air/bus/train tickets, all utility services. This is quite different than loving a specific brand of ice creams but we cater to the daily needs of our clients in a proper and well organised manner.

How large is this segment, and how fast is it growing?

Our identified segment comprises of 1600 kiosks. We are eyeing these all but in a phased manner. Currently we have 700 kiosks who stand on-boarded on our portal for business and they are doing transactions. We have framed a strategy of on-boarding, linking up to 50 kiosks to our portal monthly. We are not rushing things but consistently reviving things in the best interests of our clients and the company. We have to follow our milestone and target which we have set for this company....... going IPO with 7 years of inception.

Is it likely that our entry into this segment will provide us the platform to enter other segments that we may wish to target in the future?

Yes, by entering this segment is gonna pave a way for us to harness other opportunities. We are gonna fetch all local government services to our portal under national e- governance project. We are gonna introduce our own branded product range in the market through our front end kiosks. We may continue to look for services from other verticals that may benefit our customers and.