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Having gone through the above segment, which business structure are we looking to go for? Reasons thereof

LLP is the best platform for us to start business. As i earlier mentioned we are utilizing and harnessing the power of an established network where people work at the front end and at the back end are the stake holders of the company thereby making two way profits.

Which of the factors will drive us in choosing our base location? Which location would we choose and why?

Client location is the main factor that is what we have focused on to set up a base location. Selecting a base location on the basis of client location will help us to develop our business strongly, it will help us to understand our clients and keep a close liaison always.

Which industry specific permits do we need to operate business in our industry?

As we are not in any manufacturing business we require usually office setup and some general permits to carry on our business. We need to fulfil all legal formalities related to Laws of the Land. Local permits include registrations of our office under shops and establishments with local municipality. Permit from office of the labour commissioner which is related to labour laws and observing office holiday etc. These all formalities have been observed already and we are legally sound on all parameters.

For our venture, when we develop a new brand or logo, which IP registration do we apply for and why?

We would definitely apply for copyright and trademark registration or all other registration as required that can safeguard our business and identity. It is necessary as we understand, not to make any infringements and so is equally applicable to everyone else. In order to overcome infringement legally the primary task is to register all the IP so as to give it a shield for future.

For our entity, what steps have we taken to execute our business idea from a legal perspective?

1. DIN 2. DSC 3. ROC 4. Company formation 5. Registering IP & trademarks 6. Local permits and permissions

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