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Our Idea

What pain points or problems are we trying to solve with our venture idea?

We are actually trying to solve the problem of poor service delivery in far flung areas of J&K through our portal. Retailers who provide online services to citizens have to use a lot of portals while doing their business and it is quite annoying. They have to recharge multiple wallets to get their things done. These IT enabled front end kiosks have to call at 3-4 places daily to get their problems resolved. We have developed a one stop portal for these young entrepreneurs so that they can focus more on business and service delivery.

What experience or observation led us to this idea? Did we face the experience personally?

Yes, before starting this company we have faced such problems. As a front end delivery point you have to deal with number of issues while providing services at the door steps of citizens.

Our idea to address these problems in the most concise yet effective way.

The idea is straight forward, it is to equip a single portal with all the possible services like B2C, G2C, B2B including an e-commerce platform supported by logistics . Provide support and services under a single roof to overcome hassles and delays in service delivery to encourage local vendors and companies to place their products and services on our portal.

Assumptions that we are making about the problems, target group facing these problems, and our solutions.

The front end kiosks/retailers/agents would love to adjust and adopt a system that is problem solving in nature. We have build a limited company and allocated 60% share to these kiosks/agents. They are not getting the stake from anywhere else. They are generating profits by two methods.. direct commission on services and by virtue of shares in the company. These kiosks would feel secure in a network were they also earn from each others work.