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Business Plan

Participants in our startup's ecosystem, who need the Business Plan to perform their role better.

Our partners, our front end kiosks, our Stake holders, Investors, Incubators, Potential financial institutions, Government bodies, Management and the employees.

Elements and sub-elements of the Business Plan for our venture

  • Vision and goal: Our vision is to be the first IPO from kashmir as a Public Limited Company.
  • Company description: A public limited company harnessing the modern day platforms for maximum output in e-governance, health and education sectors.
  • Industry analysis: E-governance is one of the main pillars of Mission Digital India and there is always scope in it for innovation and improvements.
  • Competitive analysis: We are the largest service aggregators so far in this domain and area and we do have competition from companies who infiltrate our markets at times but they hardly sustain over here to carry on their business.
  • Management team: We have an expert team consisting of members from Management, Administration, IT, HR, Marketing, Engineering etc who possess enough experience to deal with varied situations.
  • Operational plan: We do have separate operational plans for our three sectors like IT, Health & Education
  • Other Plans being Marketing plan, Financial plan, risks & contingencies.

Our overall marketing strategy. What steps or activities do we undertake to achieve our goals/objectives?

In the first year of our business we only focused on free digital marketing to generate leads and queries. Now we are planning to work on offline marketing strategies to generate business. We are now motivated to use other paid channels to increase sales and promote our products and services.

Where do our products/services fit into the market? Are they high-end, competitive or budget? How does this compare to our competitors?

On a comparative note our products and services do possess a healthy position in the market. We deal in services and products that fit in the budget of average citizens. We always try to infuse innovation and uniqueness in our services and products so as to remain ahead and beat competition and have our fair share from the over all market.

Storage facility and distribution network we have in place?

We are supposed to engage a distribution channel or more precisely tie up with a courier company to deliver our products to our customers. We will be taking care of all the warehousing in the next year but till then we are banking on our suppliers to maintain inventory for the same.