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Business Model

Distribution Channels

We have a robust mechanism in place which gives us an edge over others as far as communication is concerned. We do have dedicated customer care with separate departments. We interact with our customers on many platforms as per their ease and requirement, be it on Calls, Mails, Social Networking, IVR, SMS, Broadcasts or Field Visits.

Key Activities

We believe in innovation and improvement.
Our customers are our real assets and we do always take care of our distribution channels. We impart necessary training to our clients so as to make them viable and sustainable.

Customer Relations

Dedicated Customer Relationship experts.
We continuously remain in touch with our customers and assist them in getting things and issues resolved. We believe in multi-channel communication and our top management does encourage vertical communication in order to build confidence among employees.

Key Partners

We have key partners who are reputed organisations and MNC's.
Our partners are our priority customers and we always try to grow in synchronization with our service providers and partners.

Unique Value Proposition

Our platform is a unique business opportunity to our primary customers. We provide cost effective hassle free G2C, B2C, B2B services to citizens at their doorsteps. We are the largest service aggregators from the State.
We solve the problems faced by citizens in general and rural population in particular in getting different services. We have a one stop all-in-one portal that caters to the needs of our customers. Single Wallet system, dedicated customer support and robust services are the core value propositions of our business.